WordPress a go!

Well in case you haven’t noticed, I have abandoned Joomla for WordPress. Don’t get me wrong Joomla is a great platform, but for what I was wanting on my blog not so much. WordPress out of the box was a much better fit for what I wanted.

Now some of you might be asking why a person that does web development uses WordPress instead of something I have designed and that’s a great question. It all comes down to time and to be honest, one day I hope to have a nice blog platform and use my own backend software, but for now WordPress will work for me while I work on my other projects. What projects might that be? Hahah I guess you will have to keep checking back here often to see what I’m working on.

I can’t possibly get everything I want accomplished done by myself, so I have enlisted the support of a few friends to work with me on my future endeavors. I hope you will all begin to share in a few of the many up and coming projects as I split time between them all to see them all come about and begin to become reality. I have many ideas that I have kept quiet for years and shares with a select few people that could help inspire me to achieve something great and it’s about time that all begins to happen.

Stick around and hopefully you all will see something great soon.


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