Blogging 2.0

Well it’s that time of year that we start over with New Years Resolutions and I realize that I don’t blog like I should.  It’s not that I don’t have enough to say, it’s more or less been finding time to say it.  SO, that being said I will make this year of re-prioritization of my life.  Some of my goals are to read 5 books this year, work on friendships and invest more into friends, make more time for all of my ideas and start making them reality.  It’s time to take the ideas and goals and put them into action and work hard at making them second nature and changing things.  I have several website ideas that I’m working on constantly in my mind and most of them will require regular web updates, so here’s to a first of many posts.  Not that many people read this blog but hey there’s always a start hahaha!


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